Dampers, Mounts, Buffers

Our bushings and mounts includes Rubber Bushes made from NBR, CR, HNBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE etc. The bushes sizes ranges from a few millimeter to metal bonded center pivot bushes which is over 300 mm in diameter. The bushings are transfer moulded or Injection Moulded as per demand. Our parts are of high quality and we have several standard moulds (multi cavities) made to industry standards. The mounts ranges from small auto mounts to heavy primary/ secondary suspension for locomotives.

Apart from rubber bushings and buffers we have facilities for thermoplastic bushings made from high performance elastomers like TPU etc. The bushings are of high quality made by latest injection moulding machines.


Cesmic Bearing Pads  
These Neoprene Based Pads can take compressive loads upto 50,000 Kgs with a deflection around 3 mm. It has a standard 4 mm metal shim inside and 70 Shore Hardness.
Standard Sizes available are :
202 X 100 X 12. 5 mm
202 X 80 X 13.5 mm
202 X 150 X 12.5 mm
230 X 150 X 14.5 mm