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      "foison platinum fragrant" is the continuation of the Foison consistent product quality, and is a high-end feed flavouring agent spent Foison people 2 years and twenty million yuan. The function formula of the product is reasearched and developed by Foison technology center and the world famous perfume company. It is the perfect combination of Foison innovation strength and global technical resources.

      Weifang Foison Biotech Co., Ltd. approved by the State Ministry of agriculture is a new high-tech enterprise which mainlY in the research, development and production of the international advanced level of feed flavouring agent, and commits to animal food and animal feed intake increased.
        The company is located in Shandong Xiashan Ecological Economic Development Zone, a hi- tech project of the park, and covers an area of seventy acres. It is currently the largest, most professional R & D and production center of feed flavouring agent.
      Our company has experienced flavourists……
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