The company has complete infrastructure for production of moulded goods under one roof. From metal treatment to rubber mixing to injection moulding , all facilities are available in house. The company has its own metal punching and shearing mechanical plant so that it can produce any forms of sheet metals required for manufacturing of mounts and other parts.

A brief list of facility is laid down as below

1. Internal Mixing Plants
2. Roll mills (2)
3. Shot Blasting closed chamber machines
4. Drying Ovens
5. Adhesive spray booths
6. Metal forming division
7. Injection and compression moulding (rubber)
8. Injection moulding (Plastic)
9. Compact Air Chilling Plants
10. Well equipped testing lab with computerized testing machines.
11. In-house design team


New Facility


Thermoforming machine 600 X 600
DRIP Elastotek have installed facility for thermoforming of parts based on PP, PC, HIPS, ABS, PVC, PET. Parts upto 500 mm square can be thermoformed. Mould can be designed and prepared as per customers requirement. We can produce any small to large monthly volumes as per customer requirement.

Packaging is the leading application for vacuum forming. The clear plastic bubble (blister pack) to disposable plastic lid on a coffee cup is vacuum formed as are the plastic and foam containers used in delicatessens and fast food restaurants.

Automotive applications for vacuum forming include instrument panels (IPs), wheel covers and door liners.

There are many applications in electronics, including anti-static conveyance trays. For custom machinery, covers and shrouds are made quickly and cost-effectively with the vacuum forming process.