Polyurethane Parts

Cast polyurethanes are a diverse and versatile group of materials that are known for abrasion resistance, chemical resistivity, stability in water, ease of processing and relative low cost. Cast polyurethanes are found in almost every industry. Molds for cast urethanes are relatively inexpensive and can be made from a variety of materials. Cast polyurethanes are a good substitute for a number of materials where improved performance is required. Our range includes Polyurethane Rollers, PU Wheels For Trolley, Cast PU Rods, Polyurethane Sheets and Liners. Polyurethane Liners are designed to handle high impact and excellent sliding property. Polyurethane Liners are also heat resistant in nature as compared to conventional liners. The Liners are available in standard sizes of 500mmX500mm and 250mmX500mm with wide options of thickness and on ceramic and polymer backing, and by default the liners are having metal backing of 5mm thick.